Developing Adaptive Teaching in the Primary Classroom
Online Course

Developing Adaptive Teaching in the Primary Classroom

Tim Nelson

Online: £130.00
Tel: £140.00
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Course start time: 13:00pm

Course finish time: 15:30pm


This course for primary teachers and school leaders explores the theory behind adaptive teaching and then includes a range of practical real-life examples of lesson structures from a range of subjects.

Adaptive teaching is a key strategy for the creation of a fully inclusive classroom and is proven to raise pupil outcomes. It is an integral part of the Teachers’ Standards, Early Career Framework and Ofsted’s Education Inspection Framework.

Adaptive teaching focuses on the entire class while still responding to individual pupils’ needs, as opposed to differentiation as it was often practiced in schools in the past with different work or outcomes for different groups of pupils. This involves teachers knowing their pupils’ prior levels of attainment and providing targeted support. The course includes practical ways this can be achieved, focusing on what teachers need to consider before, during and after lessons and providing ideas and strategies to make adaptive teaching work across the curriculum.


The course will address the following:

  • What is the theory behind adaptive teaching?

  • How does this link with the inspection framework?

  • How can adaptive teaching be applied?

  • What resources can support adaptive teaching effectively, including the role of additional adults?

  • How have teachers planned and delivered lessons in a range of subjects using the principles of adaptive teaching?


In response to feedback from delegates who have attended our online courses, the course content is delivered mainly through explanation and a didactic approach by the course leader. There are opportunities throughout the courses for delegates to ask questions, contribute ideas and share opinions. Course leaders will respond to any comments in ‘Chat’ thoughout the course. We realise that some delegates prefer a more activity-based approach to CPD, with tasks and directed Q&A sessions, but the large majority of our attendees prefer the former type of delivery. We are also aware that this normally better suits the training we are providing e.g. briefings about Ofsted.

Please be aware of this when considering booking. Thank you.


Standards for Teachers’ Professional Development Statement

  • This course is underpinned by rigorous scholarship and supported by continual development and support. It meets the DfE’s Standards for Teachers’ Professional Development in the following ways:

  • This professional development course has a focus on improving and evaluating pupil outcomes;

  • It is underpinned by robust evidence and expertise, and is clear on intended outcomes and objectives;

  • There is an expectation of collaboration and there will be expert challenge;

  • The course is part of a CPD programme designed to equip staff with the knowledge and skills required to effectively implement within their school, and sustain improvements over time.