History Individual Units of Learning

by Clive Davies
History Individual Units of Learning


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These units of learning have been created taking full account of the issues that have been raised recently by inspectors about the balance between substantive knowledge and disciplinary knowledge in history.

There are 4 or 5 units of learning per year groups 1 to 6. (linked directly to the National Curriculum).

Each of the units follows a system which ensures that prior knowledge has been ignited (link it); that there is a focus on the main learning (composite) and that these are broken into component parts. In addition, the units seek to create a balance between the development of substantive knowledge and pupils' disciplinary knowledge. This part is known as the 'learn it'.

There are also 'check its' which should be used during the learning to ensure that pupils are keeping up and therefore negate the need to catch up at a later stage. These 'check its' can be used at any stage of the learning activity. To end the unit there are suggestions for pupils to present an aspect of their learning to others. This stage known as the 'show it' provides opportunities for pupils to demonstrate their learning to others.

The final part of the unit is an example of several retrieval activities which are specific to the learning. These would be used after the learning has been completed and maybe a term or so after to check that pupils have recalled key knowledge.

The units have been well received by the school that have trialled them and Focus is confident that these units meet the needs of the national curriculum as well as addressing the issues raised in the current inspection framework.

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Publisher: Focus Education UK Ltd
Published Date: January 2023
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Year 1 - Famous People - Who were and are the famous people of Manchester and the UK?
Year 1 - Grandparents - What was my grandparents' childhood like?
Year 1 - Castles - Why do we have castles?
Year 2 - Famous People - Who are the famous people that have made an impact on the world?
Year 2 - Victorians - How did the Victorians influence our lives today?
Year 2 - Great Fire of London - What lessons have we learned from the Great Fire of London?
Year 2 - Who were the famous black people that have contributed to improving our world?
Year 3 - Ancient Greeks - What did the Ancient Greeks bring to the world?
Year 3 - Homes over Time - How have our homes changed over time?
Year 3 - Stone Age - How did Britain change between the beginning of the Stone Age and the end of the Iron Age?
Year 3/4 - History of Bury - Why does Bury exist in the first place?
Year 4 - Egyptians - Why was the Egyptian Civilisation ahead of its time?
Year 4 - Romans - How did Britain change between the end of the Iron Age and the end of the Roman occupation
Year 4 - History of Manchester - How did Manchester grow to be one of the leading cities?
Year 4 - Who lived in the Indus Valley and what do we know about them?
Year 4/5 - Crime and Punishment - How has crime and punishment changed over time?
Year 5 - Mayans - Who were the Mayans and what have we learned from them?
Year 5 - Gunpowder and Treason Plot - Why should gunpowder, treason and plot never be forgotten?
Year 5 - Anglo Saxons and Vikings - How did Britain change between the Roman occupation and 1066?
Year 5 - Anglo Saxons - Who were the Anglo-Saxons and what influence do they have on our life today?
Year 5 - Slavery - What do we understand about the term 'slavery'?
Year 5 - World War 1 - What was the impact of WW1 on Britain?
Year 5/6 - Islamic Civilisation - Why was the Islamic civilisation known as the Golden Age?
Year 6 - World War 2 - What was the impact of World War 2 on Britain?
Year 6 - British Empire - When and why did we create the British Empire?
Year 6 - Windrush - What has been the impact of immigration on Britain over the past 100 years?
Year 6 - World War 1 & 2 - What was the impact of the two World Wars on Britain?
Year 6 - What are the main events that happened in Britain between 1066 and the present day?

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