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Learning Challenge Curriculum Website


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- Description
The Learning Challenge Curriculum has been designed to help you create your own bespoke curriculum but take advantage of the numerous resources that have been produced to support you.

The curriculum is built on sequencing knowledge and skills (to include substantive and disciplinary knowledge) and building on prior learning so that each subject creates a narrative. Each school needs to be clear about what they want their pupils to be able to do, know and remember by the time they leave your school. Much of this information will be drawn from the National Curriculum (whilst acknowledging the freedoms afforded academies) but will also need to consider the school’s context, including issues arising from pupils’ cultural capital and the locality of the school.

We have used an enquiry-approach methodology, where possible, so that questions are predominant in most of the units produced. To this end, we hope that pupils’ will be curious and motivated to learn more.

High Quality
It effectively provides a sequence of learning for these three subjects using the National Curriculum as its reference points. These sequences are then supported by activities which effectively helps staff to focus on the main learning in each of the subjects and to create tasks and activities that will help pupils know more and remember more.

Substantive and Disciplinary Knowledge
We have endeavored to create a narrative for each subject with knowledge being built on progressively as pupils move through the school. This knowledge needs to take account of ‘disciplinary knowledge’ as well as ‘substantive knowledge’ so that pupils are supported not just to ‘know and remember’ but also ‘to do.’

Saves Time
All units have full schemes of work covering the Science, History or Geography element, with internet links to add to the learning. It guarantees coverage of the National Curriculum in Science, History, Geography, Art and Design Technology.



£750 per year
Created for those schools that want a full curriculum with long term plan and schemes of work for each unit. You will also get access to all the knowledge mats for Science, History, Geography and Music and all the resources on the site. Basically a one stop shop. This is an annual rolling subscription that will give you full access to any additional units and subjects added in the future.

You can take a tour of the Learning Challenge Curriculum Website below and have a look at what you will receive.

View the Learning Challenge Website here

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Price: £750 (annual fee)
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Format: Website Subscription
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Published Date: 2014
Updated: 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024

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