Planning for Improvement: A Leaders Guide to School Improvement

by Clive Davies
Planning for Improvement: A Leaders Guide to School Improvement



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The main aim of this publication is to support schools and academies to identify what their main priorities should be in respect of meeting the criteria set out in Ofsted's inspection framework.

The publication starts by scrutinising each of the new framework's sections: Quality of education (curriculum intent, implementation and impact); Behaviour and Attitudes; Personal Development and Leadership and Management.

For each of these sections the key aspects to be judged have been identified, e.g. curriculum intent has four main areas, curriculum implementation has six, etc. Once identified the publication creates a number of pertinent questions that need to be asked.

Once these questions have been identified, the publication then outlines the what needs to be done and pin-points success criteria against each aspect.

The idea is that leaders recognise what they have already done but are also indicate what else they could be doing. A suggested proforma is then included for leaders to create an action plan against each area.

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