Progression in Writing: Model Texts for Teacher and Pupils

by Martin Gregory
Progression in Writing: Model Texts for Teacher and Pupils


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These samples of writing have been put together to assist teachers in supporting pupils in the planning, writing and evaluation of their work within the National Curriculum requirements for writing in English.

Their primary use is as a resource to share with pupils to help them understand standards of writing in different year groups, to see progression from one year group to the next and to understand what they have to do in order to meet age-appropriate expectations (and therefore make improvements to their own writing). Some teachers also use them as useful examples of 'what a good one looks like'.

They can, of course, also be a support for teachers in understanding year group expectations (particularly teachers new to certain year groups) and I hope that the examples will help teachers 'unpick' the meaning behind the National Curriculum statements. However, whilst these pieces can assist in the assessment/moderation process, a word of warning is required here. I have attempted to include as many features of a particular year group as possible in any one piece of writing. In reality, however, this is not always the case when children write - required features are more likely to be found across a number of pieces rather than just one!

Whilst the annotations themselves refer to specific year groups, it is essential to understand that children MUST carry forward all the features of previous year groups as well as including requirements for their particular year group (and this is what I have tried to illustrate in the samples here).

Finally, the annotations themselves pick out examples of particular features, not necessarily every single feature every time it occurs!

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