Subject Audits for a New Era - Linking Intent and Implementation (Download)

by Clive Davies
Subject Audits for a New Era - Linking Intent and Implementation (Download)


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As Ofsted increases its expectations of subject leaders' ability to identify how effective their subject is being delivered, these audits remind subject leaders of the big issues in relation to intent and implementation.

It provides them with an effective position statement linked directly to Ofsted's framework. Each subject is set out in similar manner and helps to create continuity across the school in relation to positional statements.

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Publisher: Clive Davies
Published Date: May 2021
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Full Set: Subject Audits for a New Era
Product Reference: DL-BUNCA
Pages: 110

Subject Audits: Science
Product Reference: DL-CSA
Pages: 11

Subject Audits: PSHE
Product Reference: DL-PSHECA
Pages: 11

Subject Audits: PE
Product Reference: DL-PECA
Pages: 11

Subject Audits: Music
Product Reference: DL-MCA
Pages: 11

Subject Audits: History
Product Reference: DL-HCA
Pages: 11

Subject Audits: Geography
Product Reference: DL-GCA
Pages: 11

Subject Audits: Foreign Languages
Product Reference: DL-MFLCA
Pages: 11

Subject Audits: Design Technology
Product Reference: DL-DTCA
Pages: 11

Subject Audits: Computing
Product Reference: DL-CCA
Pages: 11

Subject Audits: Art
Product Reference: DL-ACA
Pages: 11
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