Talkability Pathways: Focussing on Oracy (Focus Mini)

by Clive Davies
Talkability Pathways: Focussing on Oracy (Focus Mini)



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Many schools are finding that pupils’ lack of fluency and correct use of Standard English is one of the main features that inhibits pupils’ cultural capital.

This publication is aimed at schools who are seeking to improve pupils’ oracy. It is therefore intended to help teachers and support staff to promote pupils’ progress in speaking and listening. The first part focuses on Early Years and provides pathways for Communication and Languages to include: listening, understanding, speaking in sentences and improving vocabulary. The second, and main section, focuses on progression from Years 1 to 6 and is organised into different genre of talk. Effectively, it looks at each genre and creates pathways which are hierarchical. It provides a set of clear objectives which are then supported with an exemplar.

  • Narrative
  • Persuasive
  • Taking and giving instructions
  • Discussion
  • Explanation
  • Reasoning
  • Negotiating

This is then followed by a generic section

The term ‘talkability’ comes from a phrase used in a school that piloted the pathways. It served as a sensitive reminder to children when they were not using correct Standard English. The main purpose is to provide staff and pupils with a structure aimed at improving everyday talk.

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Format: A5 Book
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Published Date: March 2020
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