Assessment Consultancy

Our experienced consultants can run a bespoke assessment INSET day in your school. Below, you will find a list of our most enquired and booked INSET days based on assessment in primary schools. To view other areas our consultants have run INSET days in or to learn more about our general INSET/ consultancy options, click here.

 Assessment and Achievement

We recognise the central importance of assessment and tracking, not as a system in its own right but as a way to improve the quality of learning for children and young people.

Our work in this area could involve working with a range of stakeholders.

Much of our recent work links to:

  • Quality assuring tracking systems
  • Working with schools to set up systems for tracking progress
  • Leading and quality-assuring pupil progress meetings with school leaders
  • Analysing external and internal data to ensure the school is focusing on the right priorities
  • Using data to improve teaching and learning and raise achievement

Input in this area can be tweaked to ensure it meets the needs of your school and your staff. The chart below indicates some areas that could be included in a training package.

  • Using data to raise achievement
  • Target setting
  • Using average point score to make a difference
  • Making sure that tracking works and isn’t just a system
  • Using data to personalise learning
  • Embedding APP
  • Raising standards and setting targets using APP
  • Embedding assessment in the foundation subjects

How to book

Call Linda Davies on 01457 821 811 or fill in the form here. If you need more information, look at our consultancy page, which explains what we can offer. Click here to view what we can do.

Take a look at our books on assessment by clicking here.