Curriculum Overview

This consultancy aims to provide you with an independent assessment of your curriculum's success. However, it will heavily focus on advice rather than judgment.

It will consider the following.

Curriculum Intent

  • Is your curriculum design helping pupils to see individual subjects as a narrative? In other words, ‘How does one unit of learning in history follow on from the last or lead to the next?’
  • Is there a balance between substantive knowledge and disciplinary knowledge in your history and geography curriculum?
  • Is your timetable enabling appropriate time spent on non-core subjects?
  • Do teachers use a composite and component model?
  • How are the needs of SEND pupils catered for?
  • Do disadvantaged pupils access the full curriculum?
  • How much has recent research influenced your thinking?

Curriculum Implementation

  • What evidence is there that your intent is being implemented effectively?
  • How do you measure the outcomes in pupils’ books?
  • Is teacher subject knowledge strong enough?
  • How does the classroom environment support excellence?
  • How are teachers translating long-term plans to deliverable units of learning?
  • What impact does reading have on the broader curriculum?

The day will start at 8.30 am, with feedback aimed for around 4.30 pm.

During the day, several strategies will be used, including a documentation overview, subject leaders’ meetings, pupil voice, book scrutiny, and leadership discussions.

A report will follow within a few days. (Normally, the Monday after the following weekend)

If you are interested in booking one of our consultants for a one-day curriculum session, please email or call 01457 821 818.