Science Knowledge Mats (eBook)

by Clive Davies
Science Knowledge Mats (eBook)


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Focus Education has listened carefully to the expectations that Ofsted inspectors will have for schools going forward post September 2019. It is clear that schools will be able to be far more explicit about their curriculum intent, implementation and impact.

Amanda Spielman talks of 'important' or 'significant' knowledge that will be life-changing in as much as it will be knowledge that pupils will take with them for the rest of their lives.

  • One of the main features in this is to have a 'knowledge-rich' curriculum.
  • As always, we are conscious of supporting schools to be compliant with future requirements.
  • The science knowledge mats have been designed to help schools to get across what pupils should know at the end of a unit of teaching.
  • The mats provide a reminder for staff of the important 'subject-specific' language that pupils ought to know.
  • In addition, pupils should know key information related to the topic.
  • These have been set out on the knowledge mats.
  • Our expectation is that school would laminate copies of these mats, say one per table of one for every four pupils.
  • One of the reflection on learning tasks could well be pupils redesigning the original mat to ensure that they will have life-long knowledge of the specific unit taught.
  • The knowledge mats link exceptionally well with future intent and helps schools to make subject-specific vocabulary a big feature of the curriculum
  • There are 20 mats included in this eBook

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Format: eBook
Publisher: Focus Education UK Ltd
Published Date: January 2019

Whole School
Product Reference: KMS
Pages: 25

Key Stage 1
Product Reference: KMS-KS1
Pages: 8

Key Stage 2
Product Reference: KMS-KS2
Pages: 17

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"I love these. I see these as a real starting point to help us with sticky knowledge and vocabulary. We are also using these to support memory and retrieval."