Self-Evaluation Document

The self-evaluation document (SED, formerly SES) is designed to enable you to summarise evaluations of trainees’ outcomes, the quality of training, leadership and management, and to make a summative judgement of your overall effectiveness.

Many of you may be considering the best way to update your present self-evaluation document. Focus has been successful in creating a clear, down-to-earth system linked to the current Ofsted framework. Focus can help you to break the back of your self-evaluation document, using our exclusive proforma aligned to the new Ofsted framework. In addition, you will also receive a one-page summary.

"The school’s self-evaluation process is sharp, focused and accurate. This leads to the setting of appropriate priorities in the school improvement plans."

Ofsted comment on a Focus-produced Self-Evaluation Document

Writing Your Self-Evaluation Document

What we do

Focus Education uses our exclusive proforma, aligned with the new Ofsted framework, to take your information and break it down to the essentials that Ofsted is looking for.

Your information is transferred by us, leaving you with a strong self-evaluation ready for Ofsted.

We also provide a one-page summary of your entire SED for reference. This activity is designed to take place away from your school. Our experienced consultants will complete it and send it back to you. 

What you need to do

We require copies of the following in order to complete your Self-Evaluation Document for Ofsted:

  • Your latest SED or SES
  • Your latest RAISEonline/Analyse School Performance (ASP)
  • Your latest set of test results
  • Your latest Ofsted report

You may need to provide specific examples in order for the SED to better reflect your school. The cost of this service is £550. 


"I’d just like to say thank you so much for creating this for me. I am delighted with it and it gives me a great platform to tweak. "

Baldersby St James Church of England Primary School

"Thank you for the prompt turn around with our SEF. This has given us a great starting point that we can build upon and has saved us hours of man time."

John Hunt Primary School

"Thank you very much for this-it is amazing! Also a big thank you to Clive,he has saved me masses of time with this work."

Redlands Primary School

How to book your Self-Evaluation Document writing service

To book Focus Education to produce your Self-Evaluation Document, simply get in touch with Linda Davies today. For examples, questions or bookings, please contact the Consultancy Department on 01457 821811 or email Linda Davies.

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Supporting Your Self-Evaluation - Preparing for Ofsted Evaluation

Schools judged 'Good' in their last Ofsted inspection will likely now be facing a Section 8 Inspection; you should expect to be challenged by Ofsted as to why you are still a 'Good' school: Focus Education has seen questions such as 'What is your judgement of your school?'; or, 'What is it that you are most proud of about your school?' being typical.

Preparing for this Section 8 Inspection ideally requires a different format for your self-evaluation document and Focus is offering a new service to support school leaders with this.

The support available

The Supporting Your Self-Evaluation Service is designed to take place within your school over one day. Working with yourself and your senior leadership team, Focus will help you create a robust document ready to present to Ofsted and support continued improvement in school. The service has been very popular with the schools we currently work with, as it provides headteachers with the confidence they need to face the scrutiny of Ofsted as well as help them focus the school’s areas for improvement.

Structuring your self-evaluation

The document created over this day would address the following key areas for Ofsted:

Why are we still good?

What makes us vulnerable?

What are we doing about those vulnerable areas?

Within these areas are sections addressing achievement and progress; teaching, learning and assessment; behaviour and safety; leadership and management, and EYFS.

Prices start from £850. 

Scheduling your day

8.00 – 9.30 Your consultant will scrutinise your latest Analyse School Performance (ASP)/RAISEonline and any other relevant documents.

9.30 – 12.30 Your consultant will work with you, or you and your SLT, to challenge you as to why you are at least 'Good'.

1.00 – 3.30 Your consultant will write up the outcomes from the morning and leave you with your completed SED.

Booking your day

Given the popularity of this service, we recommend enquiring about available dates early to secure your preferred date.

Contact Linda Davies today for anonymised examples, questions or bookings, on 01457 821811 or email Linda Davies.

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