Education Resources

Focus Education provides a range of high-quality education resources for teachers, middle leaders and senior leaders in primary schools. These include publications, e-books and digital downloads.

What do our education resources provide?
Our resources help to keep you up to date with the latest Ofsted requirements and curriculum changes. Additionally, they provide you with expert views on excellence in teaching, assessment and learning. They support you in developing the national curriculum, school leadership, improvement and development, staff and pupil performance analysis, and much more. The many resources we offer go hand in hand with our educational courses and consultancy. They provide expert educational advice and support through various formats.

International Orders
If you are an international customer, you can order products online or direct with our team. If you're ordering online, please set up an account and log in. Our purchasing team will pick up your order and contact you with a cost for shipping. Guest checkout is only available if you're ordering e-books or downloads.

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The Focus Downloads range is designed by our expert education consultants to save busy school leaders and teachers time.

Featuring ready-made templates, documents and charts, Focus Downloads is an essential resource for satisfying Ofsted inspection requirements, and improving learning, teaching and educational leadership, without spending hours creating and editing your own documents.

Find out more about our popular Primary Curriculum, the Learning Challenge Curriculum, centred around enquiry-based learning.

Built on sequencing knowledge and skills (to include substantive and disciplinary knowledge) and building on prior learning, pupils will be curious and motivated to learn more.
Our curriculum is accessed through a user-friendly website containing over 50 schemes of work.

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