Focus Rewards

Focus Rewards is our way of thanking you for choosing Focus and giving you something back.

Why do we do it?

We’re not just into giving free money away, we hope that by giving you rewards back, you’ll continue to use Focus, time and time again. We value our customers and want to keep you happy and coming back to us.

How does it work?

Join the scheme, spend money with Focus and at the end of the school term you get vouchers back worth 10% of what you’ve spent with us. You have one term to spend these vouchers. Anything above and beyond the vouchers you spend, you earn vouchers on again the following term.

How do I join?

It’s free to join. Just telephone the office, email us or complete the form online and we will sign you up immediately. You will receive a membership pack and you will automatically start earning points on everything you purchase. You don’t need to remember your card or give us any membership number. Your vouchers are automatically calculated at the end of each term.

Other Benefits of Focus Rewards

  • Priority access to our annual residential conference including discounts
  • Priority on booking key services such as RAISEonline and SED Service
  • Sneak previews of new up and coming publications
  • Special offers on courses, publications and the Focus Update Subscription Service
  • Partnership Discounts: 15% off the Reading Assessment Scheme from 2Eskimos, 15% off Classtrack / Otrack from Optimum, 15% off all orders with Madeleine Lindley Bookstore (exclusions apply).

All benefits are emailed to our Rewards members, so please ensure your details with us are up to date! 


Fellgrove Primary School booked a consultant in the spring term. The invoice was £950. At the end of the spring term, they were sent vouchers for £95 to spend in the summer term. They used it against a course which cost £205. The school used the vouchers and paid only £110. They earned vouchers on this balance and at the end of the summer term they were sent vouchers worth £11. The balance they had to pay was £44 and so they continued to earn vouchers on this balance.

Register and join today

*customers must have collected a minimum of 100 points to qualify for vouchers and be logged in to their accounts for points to register