FREE DEMO: Learning Challenge Curriculum
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FREE DEMO: Learning Challenge Curriculum

Alex Neophitou

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Zoom log in time: 3:45pm

Course start time: 4:00pm

Course finish time: 4:30pm


A 30 minute walk through of our popular Learning Challenge Curriculum Website.


Alex Neophitou will introduce you to the concept of the Learning Challenge Curriculum.

He will show how each unit is carefully crafted to that children learn key knowledge one step at a time.

He will take you through how one aspect of the learning challenge curriculum builds on children’s prior learning through careful sequencing in order to support teachers to enable children to know more and remember more.

he will go through the resources including the units of learning, the assessments and the knowledge mats as well as the recently added vocabulary overviews.

He will also introduce you to the Art and DT curriculums.


There is a chance to ask questions and get more information about our curriculum.

There is absolutely no obligation to buy.


We are passionate about our curriculum and want to show it to as many people as possible.

If you are looking for a change or want to implement a new curriculum that will have an impact and be cost effective, then this session is for you.


Standards for Teachers’ Professional Development Statement

This course is underpinned by rigorous scholarship and supported by continual development and support. It meets the DfE’s Standards for Teachers’ Professional Development in the following ways:

  • This professional development course has a focus on improving and evaluating pupil outcomes;

  • It is underpinned by robust evidence and expertise, and is clear on intended outcomes and objectives;

  • There is an expectation of collaboration and there will be expert challenge;

  • The course is part of a CPD programme designed to equip staff with the knowledge and skills required to effectively implement within their school, and sustain improvements over time.