Art & Design Knowledge Organisers (eBook)

by Clive Davies
Art & Design Knowledge Organisers (eBook)


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As you may well have been aware Focus, in line with many other organisations, previously produced a set of knowledge organisers for geography, history and science.

We have now released Art & Design Knowledge Organisers which have a focus on drawing, painting and sculpture/clay for each age group.

Recent research into the usefulness of knowledge organisers for primary school aged pupils recommends a slimmer version with less detail. We have adhered to this with the Art & Design organisers.

The main aim is to be very much more focused and therefore the new-style Focus design, ensures that there are no more than 6 vocabulary words (or phrases) per organiser and that there is greater clarity about the key knowledge the pupils should acquire.

In addition, each organiser will have a prior knowledge section which should be completed as a class together at the beginning of any new unit of learning. Part of the reason for the change is to reduce cognitive overload. We have therefore given greater consideration to extraneous cognitive load. We have therefore kept the organisers less busy, ensured use of same font and kept a similar outline for each one.

By adding in the prior knowledge 'harvester' we are therefore ensuring a better chance for long term retention.

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Product Reference: KMAD-WS, KMAD-KS1, KMAD-KS2
Pages: KS1 (6) KS2 (12) Whole School (18)
Format: eBook
Publisher: Focus Education UK Ltd
Published Date: April 2024

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