How effective is the quality of Education at your school?

by Clive Davies
How effective is the quality of Education at your school?


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This publication is aimed to help school leaders evaluate the effectiveness of their quality of education. As with the inspection framework it looks at the three main areas of:
  • Curriculum Intent
  • Curriculum Implementation
  • Curriculum Impact

It uses Ofsted's latest handbook to ensure that the judgements made are in line with the inspection framework's handbook.

It takes each judgement made against the three main areas and suggests pertinent questions that school leaders should be asking themselves. It also provides a descriptor of what an outstanding judgement might look like.

After each of the main judgements, 19 in all, and the questions that supports them there is a summary sheet for leaders to complete in order to gain an accurate picture of what they do well and what still needs to be done.

This is a must have publication for all school leaders. It is designed to use with senior leaders to gain an accurate picture of the school's quality of education.

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