Midi Clip: Improving the Early Years Curriculum

by Sarah Quinn
Midi Clip: Improving the Early Years Curriculum


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In response to school requests and shortage in budgets, Focus is now selling recorded versions of our zoom courses for schools to purchase.

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Course Description
The early learning goals are changing. This means that schools and early years setting will have to rethink their early years curriculum. Some changes are quite dramatic like the introduction of ‘Self-Regulation’ as a goal and some are very welcome like the focus on numbers 1-10 in ‘Number.’ There are many questions like, ‘Where does shape, space and measure’ fit into my practice?’ and ‘How does this prepare children for the next phase in their education?’

This course will enable you to:
  • Explore the goals and begin to understand what they actually mean
  • Evaluate your current curriculum and look at what needs to change and what is working
  • Alter your current curriculum offer to ensure the curriculum takes account of the new early learning goals
  • Start to look at observation and assessment against the new goals
  • Look at guidance for the goals, curriculum and new early years foundation stage profile

This training will enable you to feel more prepared for the changes in early years and to consider your practice carefully. You will be able to network with early years professionals and will discuss, examine and evaluate potential new ways of planning, teaching and assessing.

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Product Reference: MDC-IEYCOPT
Speaker: Sarah Quinn
Running Time: 2 hours 7 minutes
Format: Video & eBook (Presentation)
Download: MP4 video
Publisher: Focus Education UK Ltd
Published Date: September 2023

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