Mini Clip: Developing our ASD Practice

by Janice Wilson
Mini Clip: Developing our ASD Practice


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The consultants here at Focus Education have prepared a range of Focus Mini Clips. These are short video inputs on current and relevant themes which are a great starter to any staff meeting or twilight session. Pause, rewind and share with staff in your school.

Product Description
The prevalence of learners with an ASD or associated social communication difficulties has increased massively over the last decade in UK classrooms. This has created a new challenge for schools as we negotiate how to meet individual's, often idiosyncratic, needs in order for them to access their learning and become valued members of their school communities.

This video aims to explore some of the difficulties a learner with an ASD may experience in the classroom and introduces some ideas and resources, that can be implemented, in order to remove some of their barriers to learning, develop social skills and improve their self or mutual regulation skills, in order for them to have a readiness to learn. The mini clip contains a brief over view of ASD and covers the following areas:
  • Social communication difficulties
  • The development of verbal reasoning and understanding
  • Social interaction difficulties
  • Supporting the development of social interaction skills
  • Repetitive, self stimulation behaviours and special interests
  • Behaviour and special interest tips
  • Executive function difficulties
  • Ideas for developing executive function

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Product Reference: MC-ASDOPT
Speaker: Janice Wilson
Running Time: 43 minutes
Format: Video & eBook (Presentation)
Download: MP4 video
Publisher: Focus Education UK Ltd
Published Date: May 2023

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