Mini Clip: Supporting SEND Children in a Mainstream Classroom

by Andrew Chadwick
Mini Clip: Supporting SEND Children in a Mainstream Classroom


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The consultants here at Focus Education have prepared a range of Focus Mini Clips. These are short video inputs on current and relevant themes which are a great starter to any staff meeting or twilight session. Pause, rewind and share with staff in your school.

Product Description
This resource has been compiled to help teachers support children with special educational needs in their lessons.

It considers the very simple things that can be done to make vulnerable children gain the most from each lesson. The materials contain a number of practical, down-to-earth measures that could be taken to help make classrooms inclusive.

There are also a series of internet links that are signposted to further support and add to a teacher's knowledge.

We envisage this clip being used at a training event or used during a staff meeting. The expectation is that the materials could be used across several staff meetings. We would anticipate that the school's SENDco looks at this first and decides how best to use the resource to support the staff.

It may be that this is done by running short links at a time and then use the content as the focus of a discussion.

The link includes, amongst other issues, looking at:
  • Classroom layout
  • Creating the right emotional environment
  • Extraneous cognitive load
  • Taking responsibility

+ More Information
Product Reference: MC-SENDOPT
Speaker: Andrew Chadwick
Running Time: 46 Minutes
Format: Video & eBook (Presentation)
Download: MP4 video
Publisher: Focus Education UK Ltd
Published Date: November 2022

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