Progression Mapping for the Broader Curriculum: Including the Retrieval of Pre-Knowledge

by Clive Davies
Progression Mapping for the Broader Curriculum: Including the Retrieval of Pre-Knowledge


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This book looks at each foundation subject and science and creates a learning journey for pupils through each subject. It also ensures that pupils are provided with opportunities to retrieve previous knowledge before starting on a new unit of learning. It also provides with clarity about strands of learning such as the human body in science, chronology in history and mapping in geography.

Getting the retrieval right contributes hugely to pupils' long-term retention of new information. This book explores the retrieval from within the subject, other subjects and personal experiences. For example, before starting on the Year 4 unit about the digestive system, pupils should be given time to retrieve all the learning they have already done about the human body. In addition, there needs to be an opportunity to acknowledge what they already know, i.e., where the stomach is and how important it is to eat healthily.

See the example below:

This format has been completed across all foundation subject as well as science. It supports the process of helping pupils retain information for the long term. I am suggesting that Lesson one in each unit of learning should be a retrieval of prior knowledge.

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