Teaching and Assessing High Quality PE Lessons in Primary Settings: A Scheme Of Work For Years 1 to 6

by Lawrence Carr
Teaching and Assessing High Quality PE Lessons in Primary Settings: A Scheme Of Work For Years 1 to 6


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This publication is intended for use by primary school teachers and support staff to support them in the delivery of high-quality PE lessons across the primary age range. The document is particularly useful in supporting non-specialist teachers to deliver outstanding PE lessons to the pupils in their school.

This publication ensures full coverage of the Primary Programme of Study for PE for Key Stage 1 and 2. The document has been developed to ensure that it is easily adaptable to meet the needs of a range of mainstream primary school settings. The document takes the form of a scheme of work for school staff to adapt and follow. Broken down into specific year groups, each school year is divided into units covering a range of sports and fundamental skills.

Each unit contains a series of progressive lessons, including step by step guides to teach skills, photographs to demonstrate the correct performance of skills and clear guidance on how to ensure differentiation and challenge for those pupils who demonstrate greater mastery of the skills. At the end of each unit, an end of unit task is included to provide opportunity for school staff to assess the progress that has been made during the unit. The document explains how these end of unit tasks can be adapted to undertake pre-learning assessment of the children's skills at the beginning of a unit.

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Year Group £20.00 each
Key Stage 1 £35.00
Key Stage 2 £55.00
Whole School £85.00

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Publisher: Lawrence Carr
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Published Date: September 2023

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