School Website Review

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Does your website meet the DfE’s statutory criteria, as expected by Ofsted?

In line with HMI guidance Focus Education is offering a review to see if your website meets the statutory criteria. (updated most recently in August 2020)

You are no doubt aware of the importance of your website to the inspection process. Your school’s website provides a key starting point for HMI and lead inspectors who begin planning the inspection based on the evidence they find there, especially in regard to safeguarding and also the curriculum across the full range of subjects.
The DfE publishes a list of the statutory information that must be on a school’s website, dependent on whether a setting is maintained, an academy or a free school. Schools are obliged to ensure their website is compliant with these criteria.

Unfortunately some schools find out too late that this information is not up to date or does not appear on their website, often because the Headteacher or Principal had delegated the updating to other staff. It is also sometimes difficult for school staff to review a website objectively when they have contributed to the content.


What will happen?
This review service is carried out by one of our consultants with considerable inspection experience and provides you with a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ to ensure your school website meets statutory criteria and provides the information an inspector would expect to find.

Each criteria is RAG rated and commentary notes are provided for any areas that could be improved or are not evident. It also includes a section of general comments aimed to help a school ensure their website is as user friendly and accessible as possible. The review will be specific to the criteria published for maintained schools, academies or free schools. An example for a maintained school can be viewed here.


What you need to send
All we require is a link to your website and confirmation of your school’s status. We will then produce the review within two weeks of commissioning.


Fee for service
The total cost is £200.
Please contact Linda Davies for details and to book your website review.



Telephone: 01457 821 811