13 Reasons Why We Feel Lucky on Friday 13th January 2017 at Focus Education

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Thirteen reasons why we feel lucky on Friday 13th January 2017 at Focus Education

  1. There is only one more working day to go until Focus 2017 courses begin!
  2. In February 2013, the Focus publication, ‘Grammar & Punctuation‘ was released, one of our most popular books! Another reason to love the number 13.                                                                                                  Grammar & Punctuation
  3. We keep getting fantastic feedback from our schools, take a look: https://www.focus-education.co.uk/blog/category/case-studies/
  4. There are only 28 days to go until February Half Term…
  5. Which means only another 5 months until we see you all at Inspiring Leadership on the 6th June! Can’t wait!
  6. Last Friday 13th (May 2016) Focus update 41 was released. See a snippet here: Focus Update Service
  7. The number 13 is considered lucky in China… And we have had great luck from China in the form of our Chinese customers, the Dulwich International School, Shanghai.
  8. The new design for the Focus website is being processed… Keep checking… 🙂
  9. We have a very, very exciting Easter surprise for our customers coming up. Watch this space.Ros Ferrara
  10. Thorne King Edward School will have our consultant Ros Ferrara in their school today, how lucky are they!?
  11. We have a whole desk in our office covered in fruit and tasty treats to keep the Friday 13th demons at bay.
  12. It is the first month of a new year, and we have plans, products and positiveness literally glowing through the office!
  13. “After every Friday 13th there is always a Saturday the 14th! So forget superstition and enjoy the weekend… Until the next Friday 13th.”
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