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Clive Davies OBE has put together his 5 top tips when writing your Self Evaluation Summary.

1. Prove your progress!

Always make sure that your judgement on teaching and learning can be substantiated by the progress pupils make.

2. Don’t sabotage your school!

Be careful not to be too generous with your EYFS judgment, especially if this is not maintained through Key stage 2.  If you do, inspectors may focus on why key stage 1 is failing.

3. Be cautious on your Personal Development Judgement!

Be careful not to over-hype your Personal Development judgement (ie, where PD grade is Higher than other areas).  If you do, inspectors will question why such attentive pupils are not achieving the same grade in other areas.

4. Evidence, Evidence, Evidence!

Make sure your outcomes judgement can be substantiated with external and internal data.

5. Writing is more than just English!

Make sure that your judgment on writing includes writing across the curriculum and that you have enough examples of writing in science, history and geography.

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