Growing Trends in Reading 2015

Growing trends in reading


Growing Trends in Reading Summary

The National Literacy Trust has released its 2015 annual report on literacy, focusing on children and young people’s reading habits in the UK, revealing record numbers are enjoying reading outside of the classroom.


Gender Gap in Reading

A revealing finding within the report is the issue of the gender gap: There is still much room for improvement in this area, with 46.5% of girls enjoying reading vs. 35.8% of boys.


How Much Pupils Enjoy Reading

The majority of girls are enjoying reading ‘quite a lot’ while the majority of boys enjoy it ‘a bit’.


Record Numbers of Children & Young People Reading

41.4% of all pupils are enjoying reading outside of class, representing a big increase over previous survey results.


Growing Trends in Reading: The Modern Influence

The biggest medium being read by children and young people are websites, with social media following closely behind. Magazines are also outpacing both fiction and non-fiction books, while poetry lags behind as the second lowest read, after eBooks.


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