School Governor Consultancy

Our experienced consultants can run a bespoke school governor INSET day in your school. Below, you will find a list of our most enquired and booked days based on governors in primary schools.  To view other areas in which our consultants have run INSET days around or to learn more about our general INSET/consultancy options, click here.

The Role of Governance During an Ofsted Inspection

This half-day session is designed for school leaders and governors who wish to gain a fuller understanding of the inspection process and the emphasis that inspection teams and HMI place on the role of the governing body during both Section 5 and Section 8 inspections.

The training will address the following:

  • What evidence will inspectors look for?
  • What questions could inspectors ask governors?
  • How can the inspection of governance be best managed by the school?
  • What are the latest messages from Ofsted in this area?

The benefits of this training:

  • Develop an understanding of the inspection process as it relates to governance;
  • Gain knowledge of how to best present the evidence the setting has to demonstrate the effectiveness of the governing body;
  • Have the opportunity to reflect on how the leadership team can be ready for inspection.

Inspection Headlines for Governors

This two-hour session ensures governors understand the main issues connected with inspection under the revised framework.

The session will ensure that governors leave with:

  • a clear overview of the framework;
  • an understanding of how judgments are made;
  • clarity about their role in leadership and self-evaluation.

By the end of the session, delegates will be able to disseminate key messages back to their colleague governors. This training will be based on the most recent materials published by Ofsted at the time of delivery.

How to book

Call Linda Davies on 01457 821 811 or fill in the form here. If you need more information, look at our consultancy page, which will explain what we can offer. Click here to view what we can do.

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