Assessing Science Knowledge: Summative Assessments for Years 1 to 6

by Clive Davies
Assessing Science Knowledge: Summative Assessments for Years 1 to 6



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This book provides examples that can be used by teachers to create their own assessments. If you would like the eBook to be able to print your own copies/alter or for individual printed pupil books please follow the links below.

Focus has produced Years 1 to 6 summative assessments for science that takes account of the knowledge children are expected to have at the end of each academic year. The assessments are end of year summative assessments. This follows the Education Endowment Foundation's view of not assessing too close to the point of learning. Therefore, the tests take account of long-term memory.

For each age group, the starting point is the respective National Curriculum's programme of study. From the programmes of study, a set of year group expectations have been created. These appear at the beginning of each age group's assessments. They are in reality the key knowledge pupils need to take with them as they move through Key Stages 1 and 2.

The assessments follow these key knowledge statements and pupils have to effectively attain a pass in each section to be deemed to be meeting the national expectations. The marking system, outlined at the end of each year group assessment, shows how many marks pupils need to attain in each section in order to meet the expectation for their age.

The assessments have been created so as to require minimal marking. Pupils are usually required to enter a number, letter or a pre-prepared phrase or word into a space provided. In this way, marking should be straight-forward and not time consuming.

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ISBN: 978-1-911416-47-0
Product Reference: ASK
Format: Book
Pages: 106
Printing: Black and White
Publisher: Focus Education UK Ltd
Published Date: June 2020
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