Midi Clip: Carrying out Deep Dives

by Clive Davies
Midi Clip: Carrying out Deep Dives


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In response to school requests and shortage in budgets, Focus is now selling recorded versions of our zoom courses for schools to purchase.

This training is sent via an emailed link and can be watched directly from the website (streamed) or downloaded and watched at a later date. It comes with an e-book version of the training notes. Printed copies of the training notes are available at an additional cost.

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Product Description
This Midi Clip has been developed to give primary teachers and subject leaders the background to inspection methodology. It provides an overview of the Deep Dive process with suggestions and tips for colleagues to consider, ensuring they are well prepared for either a Section 8 or Section 5 inspection. A range of questions and prompts are included for the school to use as the basis for further discussion and follow-up work in school. These are generic to subject leaders and also for colleagues in their class teacher role.

+ More Information
Product Reference: MDC-CODDOPT
Speaker: Clive Davies
Running Time: 1 Hour 23 Minutes
Format: Video & eBook (Presentation)
Download: MP4 video
Publisher: Focus Education UK Ltd
Published Date: March 2022

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