Monitoring the Quality of Education in the EYFS eBook

by Clive Davies
Monitoring the Quality of Education in the EYFS eBook



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This publication has been written primarily for school leaders, especially headteachers and principals of primary and infant schools. The aim is to provide a detailed handbook as a reference point for monitoring provision in either nursery or reception. It will enable a school leader to focus on a specific area, that is, one of the seven areas of learning or one aspect within one of the seven areas. The monitoring proforma will help to guide where there are strengths and areas of development.

The publication has been organised in such a way that it should make it easier for leaders to target their discussions with practitioners and children. In addition, it will help to ensure that observations are more focused. In essence, leaders with limited early years practical experience should find this publication a very valuable resource to guide their monitoring activities in early years. However, it should also be invaluable for leaders with a huge amount of early years familiarity.

Leaders of early years will also find the publication useful to help them check coverage and sequences of learning in both nursery and reception classes. They could use this publication to check for gaps in their current coverage and ensure they address such gaps.

This publication will therefore provide leaders with an incredibly detailed reference point for their monitoring and is unique in as much as it brings together a comprehensive breakdown of learning sequences linked to the inspection framework.

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Pages: 219
Publisher: Focus Education UK Ltd
Published Date: May 2022
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