Progression in the National Curriculum (Focus Mini)

by Clive Davies
Progression in the National Curriculum (Focus Mini)



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This small (A5) spiral bound booklet outlines the content of the National Curriculum in a handy and easy to use format.

The content for reading, writing and mathematics is outlined not only by year group but also by strand or element. This makes planning for differentiation much easier as you can track an element of the curriculum from one year group to another.

Content for foundation subjects is outlined by key stage expectations.

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ISBN: 978-1-909038-18-9
Product Reference: FM-PNNC
Format: Book
Pages: 56
Printing: Black and White
Product Dimensions: 15 x 21 x 0.4cm
Publisher: Focus Education UK Ltd
Published Date: Sep 2013
Revision Date(s): Dec 2013, Oct 2019, Aug 2021

Discounts: Buy 2 or more for £5.50 each
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"Our school recently invested in these and they make planning much quicker/easier. Allows you to see progression of knowledge they should already have and where they will go after your class all in one portable flipbook."

"This arrived today and already finding it really useful for looking at the year 4 requirements for my final placement."

"They are great for mixed aged classes so you know how to plan for progression in the same class even if you have three year groups."

"We use them too. Handy and useful."

"We use these, theyre great!"

"We have had these a while. Very, very useful!!"

"They are fab for observations and monitoring - great EYFS ones too... recommend focus"