Tim Nelson

Trainer / Associate Consultant

Tim is an associate consultant with Focus Education. This role involves leading large-scale national conferences, working with groups of schools and working with more than 200 individual schools across England and overseas.

Before joining Focus Education, Tim worked as a head teacher. Tim’s last school had a reputation for innovation, and its initiatives have been utilised by others and presented internationally. He has a proven track record of impacting school improvement. This has resulted in Tim previously working as a local education leader, a school improvement partner, an Ofsted inspector, a mentor for trainee inspectors and a professional partner.

Tim is experienced at working with teams in schools, with a focus on all core areas of school improvement, such as curriculum, teaching, learning, assessment, leadership and management.

Recent comments from schools where Tim worked include:

‘Very professional delivery and the ability to deliver messages clearly and succinctly.’

‘Down to earth, realistic and refreshing.’

‘Very approachable and answered all our questions fully.’

‘Tim was very professional – it was a pleasure working with him! Staff all agreed the day was very useful.’

Tim is the author of more than twenty books, including, Early Career Teacher Handbook, Subject Leadership Range, Writing a School Self-Evaluation Statement: Taking account of the Ofsted Framework and the National Curriculum and Preparing for an Ofsted Inspection


Tim has an enhanced DBS disclosure.