Focus Education is a leading organisation providing advice and educational support to primary schools and academies.

Focus Education is a national educational consultancy company based in the North of England, offering a range of education training courses, education resources and education inset consultancy to support continuing professional development.
Our consultants are experts in supporting primary schools and academies in areas such as the National Curriculum, Ofsted changes, Ofsted Inspection Training for education and School Leadership.

The latest news and blog from Focus Education

Putting Mastery at the Heart of Your Maths Curriculum

Mum is 23 years older than Henry and 3 years younger than dad. If the total ages of all three is 73, how old is mum? This type of question should now become common-place in most schools and academies at some stage and signals that there is a fundamental change happening in the teaching of […]

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Reception to Year 1 – How Smooth is Transition?

By now, most early years teachers and practitioners will have arrangements in place to ensure children’s smooth transition from reception into year 1. For those teachers and practitioners who haven’t yet considered what the process looks like, here is a list of possible considerations.

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