Focus Education is a leading organisation providing advice and educational support to primary schools and academies.

Focus Education is a national educational consultancy company based in the North of England, offering a range of education training conferences, education resources and education inset consultancy to support continuing professional development.
Our consultants are experts in supporting primary schools and academies in areas such as the National Curriculum, Ofsted changes, Ofsted Inspection Training for education and School Leadership.

The latest news and blog from Focus Education

Leading Lights in the World of Maths

Euclid, Hypatia, Archimedes. Pythagoras, Newton, Euler. Fibonacci, Pascal, Somerville, Turing. Mrs Emma Lacey from Redbrick Primary School. Every one of them a mathematics pioneer. Every one of them a leading light in the sometimes dark world of numbers. Every one of them a calculating colossus, striding the landscape of three dimensional planes and leaping the […]

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Fresh Perspectives on the School Self Evaluation

I was recently working with a primary school on their self evaluation, something I do often, and I was trying to think about why this process is so useful. Why, I kept wondering, was it better to get advice and support writing a self evaluation? Surely the clue is in the name, that you should […]

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