Focus Education is a leading organisation providing advice and educational support to primary schools and academies.

Focus Education is a national educational consultancy company based in the North of England, offering a range of education training courses, education resources and education inset consultancy to support continuing professional development.
Our consultants are experts in supporting primary schools and academies in areas such as the National Curriculum, Ofsted changes, Ofsted Inspection Training for education and School Leadership.

The latest news and blog from Focus Education

The Curriculum: If It Ain’t Broke…

  The limits of the status quo ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ is a common enough phrase. If it was true in all cases I would now be pedalling around the country to visit schools and speak at conferences on my Raleigh Grifter, given to me as a birthday present when I was […]

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Doha and Back Again

My experience doing inset abroad On a grey, wintery day, I was asked, “Would you be interested in some inset abroad in Doha?” I love to travel and see new places, but, having taught in international schools myself, I am also interested in working with the particular needs of these schools to develop learning based on […]

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