5 Steps to Building a High Performance Coaching Culture eBook

by Developing Potential
5 Steps to Building a High Performance Coaching Culture eBook



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Creating a coaching culture encourages a coaching ethos and practice to flourish, and is the bedrock of delivering outstanding performance.

We are pleased to announce that after a great deal of positive feedback and creative suggestions from senior leaders and teachers, we have now written a new revised edition of ‘The Five Steps’ for 2018. While the principles and key messages of coaching remain the same, we have simplified the text and made it more user friendly, whilst adding more coaching examples and content to enhance the learning experience.

We have added Monitor and Evaluate to the original G.R.O.W model. The new G.R.O.W. M.E. framework now fully completes the coaching cycle, which enables the coach to follow through on conversations giving continuing support and challenge to the coachee.

Within the workbook we have included the full list of templates required to create a strategic plan, and this has made working through the material much easier.
In addition, we have shared many more examples on how coaching can be used in everyday school life.

To measure the coaching capability of staff, we have further developed the coaching competency framework which explains where coaches are in their learning journey.

The Educational Endowment Foundation has recognised that coaching in the form of ‘peer tutoring’ and ‘feedback’ are two of the top rated activities to develop potential. (See further information in the appendix).

Coaching is a powerful tool because it encourages children to have thought provoking conversations which develops their metacognition. (EEF +7)

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