Assessing History: End of Unit Assessments

by Clive Davies
Assessing History: End of Unit Assessments


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This product is included in our Learning Challenge Curriculum Unlimited Plan

This new resource from Focus Education is a series of low stake quizzes aimed at helping you assess whether children are at age related expectations in the units of learning you have covered in history.

It deliberately has been set with multi-choice answering system which ensures that we are not adding to teacher workload and being supportive of children who have low literacy attainment.

The aim is to let children participate in the quiz at the end of the unit and then again at the end of the following term.

The questions have been set in such a way as to ensure that both children's substantive knowledge and disciplinary knowledge are being assessed.

The quizzes are set out in such a way as to make it possible for peer marking to support the assessment outcome.

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Price: eBook £15.00 per unit

Product Reference: LCHA-OPT
Format: eBook
Pages: Various
Publisher: Focus Education UK Ltd
Published Date: May 2023

Year 1 - Castles - Why do we have castles?
Year 1 - Grandparents - What was my grandparents' childhood like?
Year 2 - Great Fire of London - What lessons have we learned from the Great Fire of London?
Year 2 - Victorians - How did the Victorians influence our lives today?
Year 3 - Ancient Greeks - What did the Ancient Greeks bring to the world?
Year 3 - Stone Age - How did Britain change between the end of the Stone Afe and the end of the Iron Age?
Year 4 - Egyptians - Why was the Egyptian Civilisation ahead of its time?
Year 4 - Romans - How did Britain change between the end of the Iron Age and the end of the Roman occupation
Year 5 - Anglo Saxons - Who were the Anglo-Saxons and what influence do they have on our life today?
Year 5 - The Maya - Who were the Mayans and what have we learned from them?
Year 6 - British Empire - When and why did we create the British Empire?
Year 6 - World War 2 - What was the impact of World War 2 on Britain?
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