Planning a Text-Led Curriculum in EYFS eBook

by Clive Davies and Erica Lees
Planning a Text-Led Curriculum in EYFS eBook



- Description
This publication is targeted at teachers in nursery and reception classes as well as senior leaders of primary and infant schools.

What does it focus on?
It looks specifically at two areas of development:
  • Understand the world, and
  • Expressive arts and design

It looks at four elements of Understanding the world, history, geography, communities and science using the development matters guidance and sequences.

It also looks at develops through art, dance and deign via the expressive arts and design.

What does it focus on?
Firstly, it takes each aspect identified in Development matters and creates a learning sequence (4 parts). It provides clarity about working towards end of nursery expectations or towards the early learning goal for each aspect.

Once done, it then provides an exemplar of how to plan to meet the goal. All these exemplars are practical examples which have been successfully implemented in an early years' setting.

It looks at both focused activities as well as providing support for continuous provision. It also suggests text to use with each aspect. In addition, it provides you with an expectation journey for the end of each term.

Planning Guidance
The final part of the book suggests one way of using the information to create a planning model. This is a suggestion of coverage and still leaves you to deliver as you wish. In other words, this is precise about what needs to be covered and does not try to impose a how to be covered.

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Product Reference: PTLCEYFS-EB
Format: eBook only
Pages: 127
Publisher: Focus Education UK Ltd
Published Date: September 2022
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