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Learning Challenge Curriculum in Shanghai

International Education Consultancy in… Shanghai I recently went on the most amazing adventure. When Linda emailed to ask whether I would travel to Shanghai to provide international education consultancy and introduce the Learning Challenge Curriculum into a primary school there, my brain didn’t have chance to catch up to my... View Article

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Reflecting on Effective Self-Evaluation

“Without proper self-evaluation, failure is inevitable” is a quote I found online when doing a bit of research. Well, I was Googling stuff really, but ‘research’ sounds more consultant-ish. Any idea who said it? Sir Michael Wilshaw perhaps? Or maybe you’re thinking it’s from a blog entry by a beleaguered... View Article

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Underperformance in Science

Question Has science become the forgotten core subject? My Predictions I think that in most schools, science is not given the priority it once had, especially at key stage 2 since the demise of primary science SATs. And I think that science subject leaders do not have that much support... View Article

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