Elizabeth Riley

Elizabeth Riley


Elizabeth is currently Assistant Principal and English Lead at a community primary academy in Oldham. They are a two-form entry school where the vast majority of children are EAL learners. She has taught for more than 14 years and is responsible for developing the English Curriculum across the whole school and supporting the development of teaching and learning in Key Stage 2. Recently, Elizabeth has successfully completed an NPQSL for her work around developing reading and have been Improvement Champion for the Focus Trust for the past 3 years.

Being privileged to work with children who are predominately EAL learners from low socio-economic backgrounds, Elizabeth has developed a secure knowledge and understanding of a range of strategies to support all children in being able to develop their literacy skills and become confident and successful learners.

She is passionate about supporting and developing both pupils and colleagues and use evidenced-based research to improve classroom practice and the English curriculum offer. To this end, Elizabeth has vast experience of planning and delivering in-house and external training, which has equipped her to successfully support teachers and schools in the local area to develop their provision of reading and writing with a focus on assessments and skill progression and development.

Elizabeth values the use of coaching to empower colleagues to evaluate and enhance their own practice to make a difference to their pupils. By investing time and effort to equip teachers with strategies and skills that will secure success both for themselves and their pupils, colleagues have become more engaged, inspired and motivated to achieve the best outcomes.

BA Hons French & Spanish
ITP and OTP facilitator
Level 1 Coaching